Intenders and Owners Survey – Cars

This survey was conducted by a leading automobile manufacturer in the US. The objective of the study was to compare the importance of key features/offerings in the consumer's mind and their willingness to pay for certain elements more than the others across different categories (sports, family, etc)

Target Audience – U.S Car owners or intenders who were planning to purchase a car for personal use over the next 6 months. Sample size: 400 owners and 200 intenders.

Action/Challenges: We planned field work to get a good spread across demographics to ensure proper representation of open across gender, region as well as income groups by sending targeted sample initially. To expand our sample reach we also targeted indirectly to people who owned homes as they had a better probability of owning a car or intending to buy one.  One of our sub-quota group was for minivan owners in which the client was seeing very less fallout. The raised their concern to us if we could do something about it To overcome this situation though this wasn’t something we could accurately target,  we creatively reached out to people who have kids and this had helped us achieve more completes in the family car section.

Outcome - The client was extremely satisfied with the balanced representation and our creativity to improve fallout in a difficult subgroup. Some of the findings that came up very evidently were that respondents in the family cars section were very willing to pay extra for safety features as well as storage space over luxury options.